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The user understands that the National Respite Locator Service ("Locator Service") is for informational purposes only and is not all-inclusive. The fact that an organization or provider is listed in the database does not represent an endorsement, and organizations or providers not listed in the database does not constitute a lack of endorsement for any purpose. The Locator Service assumes no responsibility for any claims arising from use of the online database. We do not check the background, references or any other aspect of the agencies, companies and individuals listed in the data base. Users searching for respite are responsible for reviewing the experience, background checks, and qualifications of any respite provider or agency that you hire. For more information and guidance on how to select a respite provider, please carefully review How to Choose a Respite Provider.

PLEASE NOTE: To find the greatest number of Respite Providers, we recommend initially searching with only your state and optionally zip code and distance. If you need to filter down the results from there, use the entries for age, type of respite, and disabilities served. All selections are cumulative - i.e.: if you choose both 'Autism' and 'Brain Injury', both services need to be available in order for the provider to be listed.

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